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    Ever Heard of Sandbagging?

    Ever Heard of Sandbagging?

    Get a sweaty face during your workout? No more, here comes the sportmetix solution!

    Have you ever tried to hide your sweat under lots of makeup during your workout? If so, you'll know that it's difficult because no matter how much you use, the sweat will either still show or you will not allow your skin to breathe. So what do you do? Makeup artists found a solution and, believe it or not, it’s inspired by the same technique in which sandbags are used to prevent flooding. The method is called ‘sandbagging’ and was originally used to prevent eye makeup from running. It’s the only way to keep your workout face from smudging or smearing. Here’s how it works.

    To stop flooding water from rising too high, sand dams are built, which are filled with coarse sand that have many pores to absorb it. The rule is, the coarser-grained the sand the more water can be absorbed by it. The exact same rule holds true for makeup! Most women prefer finer makeup as it sits better between impurities and skin irregularities, giving the impression of better coverage. However, this is a false conclusion when it comes to your workout beauty routine. During your workout your skin will sweat and it wants to breathe. 

    Here are our tips:

    1) To avoid your mascara or eye makeup from running during your workout, simply apply mineral loose foundation around your eyes. This will create a natural dam!

    2) For your whole face, go through your usual beauty routine, which may include using moisturiser, primer, mascara, eyeliner etc. before applying an extra layer of mineral loose powder to prevent any nasty smudges. It will simply absorb sweat or tears and help keep everything where it's supposed to be.

    sportmetix has the best selection for workout cosmetics just one click away. Use our Bellápierre mineral loose powder makeup to avoid working up a sweat to hide your sweat.

    New Year’s Resolution - Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself and You Will Succeed

    New Year’s Resolution - Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself and You Will Succeed

    It’s that time of the year again, the one where we are still full from our Christmas eve dinner and Christmas day lunch and already feeling guilty about our diet (we’re guilty too) and how all of that must change in 2017. That time of year that is also a bit darker and a bit colder, depending on where you are in the world, so it might come more natural to reflect upon what 2016 has brought you and how you want to change that for the best moving forward.

    Even if 2016 might have been your best year yet, and we truly hope it was, the human mind has a tendency to drift more on the negative bias end of the scale. We would argue that the whole notion of a “new year’s resolution” would probably never exist if that weren’t the case. Needless to say, we felt a big urge to write this article.

    Our lives are made up of many different facets and the year that is about to end may have affected you in many different ways. Maybe you suffered a heartbreak, the loss of a loved one, didn’t get that job promotion you were working so hard or still didn’t manage to achieve that body and overall wellbeing you so desperately crave. Whatever it is that you want to focus on, our below advice applies to it all.   

    How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

    You might have heard this saying or you might have heard the saying “it’s a marathon, not a race”, either way, you get the point. When it comes to achieving meaningful long-term gains, especially if you embrace an active lifestyle or plan to do so in 2017, you need to set small, measurable and sustainable goals.

    Perfect example? I want to lose 10% body fat so I will finally be able to see my abs and feel my best confident self. That’s great, well done you. However, what is likely to happen is that you will work incredibly hard for a few weeks, exercise every day (no wonder January is the month of the year where gyms make the most money), start seeing some improvement but not enough, get upset, quit and you’re back to square one. Not sustainable.

    Solution? Try: I want to lose 10% body fat and will do so by exercising 3 times per week (set separate goal for this), by eating clean (set goal for this) and by losing 2 to 3% of body fat per month. Much better right? Break down the big goal as molecularly as you possibly can. It will feel less daunting and will dramatically increase your chances of success.

    Find a close friend or partner and make each other accountable.

    This is incredibly powerful, especially if you are lucky enough to have a very close friend or a significant other (or both) with whom you can share goals and ambitions without any shame or fear of being judged. Even better, if this other person shares the same or similar goals, you both automatically find yourselves on the same path. Find a system where you can track your progress and set a time once a week or once a month where you can review everything together. Motivation spikes guaranteed.

    Reward yourself along the way.

    Let’s say you’ve clearly laid out a big goal into smaller goals and have found a way to track everything and a person with whom to share progress with. Make sure that you reward yourself, every single time you hit that small milestone leading to the bigger one. If dieting is your goal, allow yourself one full day a week, or a few meals throughout the week, where you can binge on your favourite junk food until you feel sick. Not only will this make said food taste even better, but you will enjoy it more as the reward system in your brain will be altered.

    Read the title again until it sticks.

    This is the most important part of this article, which we hope will inspire you. Chances are you will get frustrated along the way and could potentially hinder the progress. Embrace that, it’s perfectly normal, as long as you pick yourself back up quickly, using the above advice, and continue moving forward. A temporary hiccup is no bad thing, the bad thing is daydreaming about it all the time without even attempting it once.

    We wish you all the very best for 2017,

    sportmetix Editorial Team

    The Perfect Workout Look - Accentuating Your Natural Beauty

    The Perfect Workout Look - Accentuating Your Natural Beauty

    If you’re a woman who embraces exercise on a regular basis but also wants to look her best while doing it, you may have found yourself wearing a little makeup during a workout. For a lot of us, the idea of going "au naturel", even while doing physical activity is a daunting prospect and that's OK. Often, since we lead such busy lives, there sometimes just isn’t the time or inclination to remove makeup before hitting the gym or running track.

    The makeup dilemma

    There are numerous arguments against wearing makeup during fitness, as when we exercise our body temperature rises and we sweat. This, when wearing makeup, can cause pores to become blocked, preventing skin from being able to breathe resulting in spots and blemishes. Despite these factors, no-one really wants to sport the bright red and sweaty faced look; and understandably we all want to do something to ensure we look our best, even while we’re burning calories.

    For this very reason, hundreds of us choose to apply makeup before a workout or not bother to remove it, which can be bad for our skin. Thankfully, there are other things you can do to achieve the perfect workout look and accentuate your natural beauty without a full face of makeup.

    Foregoing makeup altogether is likely to be the best option for your skin, but this may seem a little extreme an option for many. We don't condone it, but we are here to try solve a scenario that touches many.

    The best of both worlds

    A great alternative that allows you the best of both worlds is to reassess the kind of makeup you wear and choose products that are kinder to your skin. This will provide you with the makeup coverage you need to feel self-confident and look your best while exercising but will allow your skin to breathe more and reduce the likeliness of blocked pores.

    If you suffer from bad skin and feel self-conscious without wearing foundation or concealer can reduce the potential of blocked pores from wearing heavy foundations by choosing a foundation or BB cream that’s lighter on the skin and more breathable, yet that still provides good coverage. This can allow them to feel beautiful and confident during every workout.

    This is why we work with brands that formulate a range of essential makeup products, including foundations, BB creams, mascaras, eyeliners and lipsticks, to provide active women with the opportunity of having some coverage during that spinning class or on during your daily jog after work, whatever it is that you enjoy doing to keep you in shape! Swapping your everyday makeup for more natural alternatives could be the perfect way to maximise the physical benefits of exercise and still look good in the process!

    Why increased happiness should be your key motivator for exercise in the short term

    Why increased happiness should be your key motivator for exercise in the short term

    We hear it so often that exercise is an essential element of leading a healthy lifestyle, along with eating a healthy well balanced diet, yet so many of us don’t actually heed the medical advice. Or at least if we do, we find it hard to maintain regular exercise, but why?

    The downside to physical goals

    Well, one of the key focuses and motivations for many people with exercise are the obvious physical and aesthetic benefits and goals, such as losing weight and toning up. While these can be powerful motivators, whether you’re running, weightlifting, swimming or killing your abs on TRX, they can also have the opposite effect, as one aspect many people forget to take into consideration is these goals can take a long time to achieve.

    This is perhaps why many new fitness regimes, regardless of the level you’re starting at, are often doomed to failure before they even get started. Without quick physical gains, many of us feel disheartened, to the point of quitting and starting over once again.

    Quick short-term gains are the way forward

    There are plenty of other short-term benefits to exercise that you may not even be aware of. They may not be visible when you look in the mirror or help you drop a dress size right away, but they can be equally as powerful. Physical activity has been scientifically proven to improve self-esteem, moods, clarity and focus while reducing anxiety, depression and stress, which combined can boost motivation to keep exercising and improving your general mental well-being.

    Institutions such as The Mental Health Foundation are big advocates for using exercise, promoting the positive effects it can have to improve mental health as well as general physical well-being. Therefore by focusing on the mental gains in the short term, you are giving yourself a better chance of keeping up with regular exercise, which makes actually achieving your physical and aesthetic goals very likely.

    Although the effects of exercise on mental health may not be fully understood, it is well documented that during exercise the body produces endorphins, which interacts with the brain’s receptors to increase our pain thresholds, as well as triggering positive feelings. This helps to reduce anxiety and stress and can even help improve sleep, which has been cited by WebMD, as also contributing to reducing the effects of depression.

    Short term motivators will lead to long term results

    This is exactly why, using your mental health and happiness as a short term motivator will go a long way in ensuring you also reach your long-term goals through exercise. Having that instant boost of happiness and energy from exercise, will inevitably help keep you on track and work towards you feeling positive and motivated in general. There’s no need to wait months to see the effects, every time you exercise you can feel mentally empowered, as well as physically fitter. Keep it up!

    Welcome to sportmetix!

    Welcome to sportmetix!

    This is our very first blog post amongst more that will come so to make your experience the most enjoyable as possible. So we thought, why not introduce what we are all about to the world? Yes, we know you are excited to learn more about us too, so sit back, relax and enjoy this brief read!

    As we explain succinctly in our about us section and our mission, sportmetix is the first online cosmetics shop for your active lifestyle. You might be asking yourself, "OK, so what does that mean?" We're glad you asked.

    Our team is passionate and dedicated towards sports, fitness and the world of cosmetics, one of the most fast paced and innovate industries on the planet. This is why, every day, our job is to source and provide on our platform the best products on the market that are aligned with our mission.

    For our skincare and bath & shower categories, our goal is to connect you to the amazing brands out there that launch products rich in ingredients that will help pamper your skin to new levels of glow and health. Check out our skincare collections to understand better what we strive for.

    When it comes to makeup, as we know many women out there either simply don’t have the time to go through the makeup removing routines that would be best to avoid any skin breakouts. On the other hand, others feel more comfortable having some coverage even when it comes to exercising. We understand this and appreciate that such a need exists. This is exactly why we are committed to selecting and connecting you to those brands that provide a product offering that is kinder to your skin, the skin of the active lifestyle woman. So if that means waterproof innovative products for your eyes or mineral minimalistic makeup for your face, this is what we are all about.

    Start following us to learn more as we grow our brand offering and publish more exciting content on makeup, skincare, exercise, fitness routines and generally all that means healthy living! If you believe in what we are aiming for, please do reach out to us on our contact us page.

    All the best,

    sportmetix Editorial Team